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We partner and support Start Ups through all stages of investment and development. By utilising cutting edge technology we craft ideas into reality and provide the strategic insight to build your business.

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Our mission working with new entrepreneurs, small scale operations and growing organisations is to help develop thoughts and ideas which seek to address a societal or business need through the use of emerging and established technologies.

We use our Innovation Lab as a space to inspire and harness thinking, understand the story you want to tell, investigate possibilities and challenge at each step to ensure we help you to define the ultimate goal and bring it to life. We focus upon outcomes driven by insights and foresight to help define the MVP (Minimal Viable Products) which will realise the right deliverables to support the proposition. And we help you to make it happen.

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As a new business, OJO really took the time to understand the vision we had for Future of Football. This meant that the finished product was truly representational of our brand.

James Stapleton - Founder & CEO - Future of Football

Technology to disrupt and influence decision making; Using AI to solve

Pioneering Platform for HR Directors

Expedite were looking to take HR professionals on a transformation of their own, switching from operational to strategic thinking by bringing them the latest industry insights and knowledge in order to make critical decisions within their business.

We developed the Circal app - an innovative and flexible resource for HR leaders, powered by machine learning, with unique networking and professional development opportunities for users to access 24/7 through personalised news feeds, podcasts, videos and community forums. This puts best practise across the industry at your fingertips in order to aim for competitive advantage.

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Using digital in collaborative learning for a better future

Gamification to help educate children and adults about sustainability and the environment

Ecoed had the dream to take a concept designed as a board game aimed at creating awareness and understanding about the environment and help to take steps to a more sustainable future. They needed to see how digital could get people excited about and engaged in the subject, by making it accessible and relevant.

Through discovery we worked on the full branding, game concept and supported crowd funding to get the app up and running.  The game is now in its second iteration as a native game in the Android and Apple stores and being used by children and adults at school, home and work to take positive action to support our environment.  

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