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Enabling A Digital First Approach

We help many enterprises to punch above their weight by leveraging technology to automate, simplify and engage customers.

Building Scalable Strategies and Integrated Solutions to Deliver More for Less

We have been on some exciting digital journeys with smaller scale operations and growing organisations - some had a digital foundation to work from, others were just starting to take the first steps from paper based operations to more technology focused futures.

One thing they all had in common - they were seeking to address a societal or business need using established or emerging technology. A digital transformation to spearhead the purpose and keep it forefront of mind.

Our mission is to maximise what you have, to help you to pivot, adapt and advance faster, through strategic insight and develop powerful applications to support effective ways of working, reduce costs and increase sales.  Contact us to find out how we can help you. 


Our Services

Digital Strategy & Vision
Digital Roadmaps & Transformation
User Experience & Creative Design
Websites, Apps & Software
Integration & Automation

OJO has surpassed our expectations at every step. We came to them with an idea and they worked with us to develop an all encompassing solution, worked out to the finest detail. OJO looked at every angle as though the product was their own, with every member of their team bringing imagination and dedication to every aspect of the project.

Alistair Taverner - Founder - Sec-QR

How we are helping in FinTech

We are accelerating the pace of change in FinTech by creating solutions which automate processes internally and to the customer using engagingintelligent techniques. 

We look to open a new set of opportunities through the development of well thought through, robust and secure digital solutions to drive innovation and competitiveness in your sector. Whilst understanding that this needs to be achieved within a highly regulated environment. 

Enhancing customer satisfaction whilst improving operational efficiencies leads us to challenge the norm and design better technological options specifically to reach your goals and realise your digital ambitions.  

We rigorously test creations with real users and use learnings to optimise the solution you want your customers to experience, and help you deliver against your KPI’s  

Whether its mobile apps, AI, Robotics, blockchaior cryptocurrency, we help businesses from start-ups right through to established high street institutions immerse themselves in a compelling process from brief to launch, and beyond 


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Technology working to make estate management of ATM's efficient and effective

Reducing downtime of cash machines through digital solutions

The creators of PINGuard wanted to revolutionise the downtime of ATM through a SaaS (Software as a Service) portal and smartphone app which could function as as standalone browser based application as well as integrate with existing issue logging systems.

We used QR scanning and issue management systems, using strong encryption and advanced database security to ensure safe and robust web frameworks. Customers and engineers both found it simple to use


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How We Are Helping In Employment

Pushing the boundaries to help organisations grownurture talent and future skill their people by harnessing their digital potential.  

HR is an industry ripe for disruption and is one of the sectors we have developed significant insight and specialist knowledge. We understand the needs and opportunities that leaders and trail blazers in this field are exploring and have partnered with companies ready to realise an idea and bring it to life through beautifully crafted technology. 

Great technology works for your people intuitively.  We work alongside businesses to understand their vision and ensure digital can enable its future successby engaging the best people. When people work in harmony with technology, we ensure organisations achieve their goals and where possible go beyond what they thought they were capable of. 

Whether you need an analytical platform which uses big data, learning portals with interactive solutions to form engagement and growth, dashboards which pull from multiple sources to allow for intelligent reporting, we have can create and craft user friendly websites, apps, and a multitude of innovative digital solutions which provide secure, intuitive and fully scalable options. 


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Helping to build tech platforms to disrupt convention: A Start-up journey

Decision Making made easy using Big Data 

Talent Intuition partnered with us to bring their inspired idea in Stratigens to reality. Knowing that finding the right talent is critical to growing any company, their aim was to empower business leaders and key decision makers to analyse the current climate within their sector and compare important statistics to help configure reports from their findings. They needed to ensure this remained user friendly, with so much data involved.

We developed a dashboard in the form of an app which was straight forward to use - a search platform responding quickly to requests and visualising results from a cloud based complex set of data, also bringing subscribers relevant HR news pieces and articles from peer thought leaders whilst allowing them to connect and collaborate to work with others within their function.

We worked together to build technology platforms that disrupt convention and underpin their business to succeed on its start-up journey.

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Our core purpose is to enable leaders to see what is possible through strategic digital thinking

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