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Helping to build technology platforms that disrupt convention and underpin your business to succeed on its start-up or growth journey.

According to figures, around 80 new start-ups an hour are launched in the UK each year, making this one of the fastest growing countries in the world for new businesses – second only to the US. But to be a truly innovative and disruptive start-up takes more than a good idea and a team of passionate people.

It takes the support of a team that is equally passionate about what they do and more importantly, they must have the industry and technology experience that can bring great ideas to life. Technology has the power and potential to make a significant impact on customers and users alike for years to come.  

We work with established organisations looking to accelerate their growth through technology to forming businesses fleshing out ideas.  Our aim is to co-create and co-develop the technology you need to enable your business to be a success. 

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As a new business, OJO really took the time to understand the vision we had for Future of Football. This meant that the finished product was truly representational of our brand.

James Stapleton - Founder & CEO - Future of Football

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