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Specialists in tech solutions for the Wellbeing, Health & Social Care sector

The focus for all health and social care providers is and will always be on the patient, and the ability to hand them greater control over their own care.

Whether it be through an innovative app, wearable device, VR or AR, technology is increasingly enabling people to live safer, more independent and active lives.

This is modern healthcare, but it comes with a set of complexities and competing priorities that are unique to the sector, such as the need to reduce costs while increasing efficiencies, engaging communities and improving transparency.

We have worked closely with social and health care providers for over 10 years to advise on, create, design and deliver the robust, scalable and secure technology solutions that they and their teams can depend upon.

The transparency created by our digital transformation has massively changed people’s lives, because we’ve changed culture. Just one example of this is we now have no concern about recording when something has gone wrong or something has happened, so there’s a real transparency for the people supported by us, which is a massive change. Our commissioners see that, our funding bodies, everybody sees that we are open.

Cath Murray-Howard - Director of Business Development & Strategy - The Disabilities Trust

Tech for Good

The ability for technology to enable us to live safer more active and independent lives goes to the heart of why OJO exists. We believe passionately about technology for good and often partner through our innovation lab to create the future.

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Dorothy House Hospice Care

Assessing ageing IT infrastructure and developing a CRM strategy to align technology with Dorothy House's long term planning, care requirements and fundraising goals.

St John's Foundation

Developing a technology strategy and roadmap to enable organisation vision through an enhanced IT and assistive technology.

The Disabilities Trust

4 year multi-million pound Technology Transformation and modernisation programme, taking the charity from no-tech to hi-tech.