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Building a personalised digital strategy is essential to leveraging the power of technology in your organisation. We work collaboratively to help you see new ideas, solve challenges and vision your digital future.  Developing the right digital strategy and roadmap to enable you to realise your strategic goals. 

Digital Audit, Strategy and Roadmaps  

We work across all stages of the digital transformation process, from designing and implementing transformation programmes to high-level audits and strategy reviews.  

Our friendly team of specialists humanise technology by bringing together creative, analytical, technical and commercial and sector insight, offering a refreshing and flexible approach to problem solving and solution design, to shape the right digital solutions to deliver your strategic goals.

Every journey starts with a conversation.  Tell us your challenge and will help you understand where to begin. 

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"Almost overnight, the culture changed in the organisation. The transparency our new systems provide us has changed people’s lives."

Cath Murray-Howard, Business Development Director, The Disabilities Trust

Going from no tech to hi-tech: The journey to transformation

Using Tech to digitally transform and provide for the future of the people you care for

The Disabilities Trust needed to make its services more efficient and effective, streamline processes and integrate tech into its day to day running - to really make a difference and improve the service it provides for individuals. 

Over a four year project, we didn't just help to improve using technology, we helped revolutionise the charity's outlook, working with them to focus upon the type of charity they wanted to be. And giving them a new understanding of how tech could get them there.

From stabilising the charity's infrastructure through rationalisation, prioritisation and and a change program to help the teams work smarter (including Intranet, CRM, Finance Systems, Payroll as examples) to implementing Assistive Technology hub - the project was an example of investment made to ultimately reduce costs, increase safety in managing patient data, integrate with the NHS framework and firmly putting the charity on course to meet their longer term strategic goals. 

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Helping to build tech platforms to disrupt convention: A Start-up journey

Decision Making made easy using Big Data 

Talent Intuition partnered with OJO to help bring their business idea into reality.  Converting what had been a done manually in relation to strategic talent insight into an automated big data platform that enables global businesses bring people into the fore of their decisions and provide the insight and knowledge to make informed strategic decisions about their workforce and their workplace.  

We developed a big data and web platform to surface complex data into into simple to digest dashboards to enable within 6 seconds strategic questions to be answered and insight given.  As well as provide business leaders wit the latest insight and thinking in relation to people and talent management.  


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