Wiltshire Air Ambulance

Leverage effective digital channels for fundraising and engagement.

Sector: Charity & Third Sector

Completion Date:   August 2018

Services: Digital Transformation, Solution Design, UX, Design, CMS, CRM Integration

The Background

The Wiltshire Air Ambulance (WAA) is a charity that relies almost entirely on public donations to keep running. In fact, it requires a total of £8,904 a day to keep serving the community.

The charity’s website is a key point of contact between it and those who want to donate, but the team at Wiltshire Air Ambulance felt that a revamp of the site was needed in order to attract more donations and build engagement with the brand.

Barbara Gray, Director of Income Generation and Communications at the WAA, and her team felt the website wasn’t clear enough in guiding a person through the donation process, and they wanted to make better use of capturing customer data, to ensure they built relationships with these stakeholders in the future.

OJO Solutions, who were chosen after a tender process, were brought in to use technology to address these key concerns.

The Process

The first step in the process for OJO Solutions was to help the WAA team understand what it was they were trying to achieve. The ultimate aim for a charity is to increase engagement with customers and increase the amount of donations made, so the team agreed that the charity needed to be ‘clearer on the ask’.

To do this, a revamp of the website was necessary, to highlight where customers could donate, and provide them with an easy choice on how much. This would better suit the user requirements, streamline the process, and achieve the core objective of raising more funds.

It was also apparent that WAA were suffering from a lack of data capture from their fundraisers and other contributors. For example, if a person had completed the Bath Half Marathon, the charity needed to know how to engage with that person afterwards and show them through the website how easy it was to continue raising funds for them.

For those yet to complete a fundraising experience of this kind, there needed to be a function on the website to attract people towards it and sign up. OJO Solutions worked with WAA to deliver this, and the option to engage in experiences is now clearly visible on the site’s homepage.

“The primary objective was to create a more interactive platform that made it easy for people to donate,” Barbara explained.

“When Nathan presented to us, it was very apparent that OJO understood the world of charity and our needs – they just get it. In his presentation, Nathan went over and above what was expected, showing an understanding of our objectives, needs and marketing approach.

“We drew up a wish list of solutions, but the main thing was that they understand the charity perspective. They know that we have limited funding for these types of projects, because it’s our supporters’ money that is paying for projects like these, and they’re very mindful of that. When we went through the wish list together, OJO were very good at coming up with alternative solutions that were within our budget, but that achieved the same objectives.”


The Solution

Kevin Triggle, OJO’s head of front-end development, explains how OJO went about creating the perfect solution: “The WAA development initially involved stripping the charity back to basics in terms of its technology, and from there we could better understand what their fundamental requirements were.

“By working through a series of workshops we were able to create an end-to-end user journey for a number of personas, looking at how they would engage with the site and identify their individual needs. This allowed us to construct a user experience wireframe of the solution we would create.

“We fleshed out the skeleton to develop detailed final designs of each key display within the experience, design guidelines were drawn up and a CMS was created in order for the team at WAA to be able to manage their content going forward.

“One of the key requirements from the start was to create a simple to use, streamlined donation platform in order to replace the existing one which many users were abandoning before reaching the end. The solution we created means WAA now have a system in place that is simple to maintain, flexible to their needs and is generating donations month on month.”

The Game

OJO Solutions and the WAA knew that in the task of raising funds, there is a risk of fundraising fatigue, whereby contributors can become disengaged with a charity’s mission.

A key aim of the WAA is to take customers on a journey, so the solution to fundraising fatigue was to create something exciting. The two parties are now moving on to the second phase of the project – an interactive game entitled Helifun, which OJO Solutions has donated £12,000 worth of studio time towards.

The game is aimed at both children and adults and aims to not only engage them with the Air Ambulance but to also raise awareness of the charity’s activities and the challenges it faces. This use of gaming creates a digital story, which will ultimately increase the levels of engagement between the charity and its customers.

Adam Baker, Communications Manager at Wiltshire Air Ambulance, said: “Helifun is a great way for us to interact with people of all ages, as we look to use gamification to raise awareness of the importance of Wiltshire Air Ambulance to the county.

“Through Helifun we are also able to keep people informed of our upcoming challenge events, share key messages about volunteering and fundraising, or simply offer opportunities to donate.

“We’re very grateful to OJO Solutions for their time and effort in bringing Helifun to life. The support of local businesses is very important to us and it’s great to have OJO on board in our 100 Club networking group for Wiltshire companies.”