Enhancing the sales function through technology by creating efficiencies in Playforce’s processes and digitally enabling the team, increasing productivity and sales conversion.

Sector: Education, Digital Retail

Completion Date:   November 2017

Services: Consultancy, Website, Bespoke Development

The Brief

Playforce wanted to refine their current paper-based process for the design and build phase of their playground solution.

Tim Lacey, managing director at Playforce said, 

"We knew we wanted to enhance our sales function through technology – create efficiencies in our process, increase sales productivity and increase sales conversion – but we didn’t know how."
"OJO spent time in the business and quickly gained a clinical understanding of how we operate, the challenges we face, and what we were trying to achieve."

The Challenge

Their current processes were manual, paper-based and incredibly intensive.

Client packs took many iterations to get right as information was misinterpreted and resources focused on 2D drawings over 3D visuals and animation. Client’s did not know the price and consultants were unable to indicative costs whilst on site or explore the full Playforce product range with a client.

Due to the time needed and resulting bottlenecks, customer quotes could take up to 20 days to produce.  

Playforce wanted to create efficiencies their process, upgrade the tools available to their designers and ultimately maximise their sales.

The Solution

We worked closely with Playforce to understand their processes and how they worked.

This resulted in developing a bespoke Windows based application that enables the consultants to design and create ideas with the client and showcase each piece of equipment. Crucially it also allowed them to build estimates and options for the client to ensure the right option went forward to proposal.

In addition OJO built Playforce a new website and integrated the full product suite within a single online portal to enable products to be sold both online via the website and via the designer application. 

The Results

Through streamlined processes the consultants have everything they need at their fingertips, no longer needing to grapple with 10 different pieces of paper, crayons and spend hours at home scanning information in.

The automated process enables data to be automatically transferred to the back office teams.  The design team are able to pick up a pre-defined set of templates to begin working straight away and focus their efforts on 3D and animation fly overs.

The application and new processes have significantly reduced the timeframe and processes to deliver client packs. Ultimately resulting in significantly increased sales through an enhanced experienced with the client.   

Tim Lacey concluded:

“OJO delivered something beyond what we had envisaged; the business is now significantly more scalable and the ROI has already been compelling.”