Creating awareness and change for a better future through gamification. Design and development of a native mobile app for iOS and Android.

Sector: Start-up, Education

Completion Date:   March 2018

Services: Brand, Design, UX, Native App Development

The Brief

Ecoed is the dream of Argentinian sustainability and behavioural change professional Maria Soledad Riestra. The brief was to take concept developed designed as a board game for creating education and awareness and create it into a online collaborative game for all ages.

Ecoed and ecoedlife is a startup created by Argentinian sustainability and behavioural change professional Maria Soledad Riestra (Sole).  OJO's Nathan Baranowski and Sole met through their common interest in driving environmental change via their masters in Responsibility and Business Practice at the University of Bath.  

The Solution

Through discovery we created a full brand, native mobile game to enable everyone from 8 upwards to challenge theirselves and others in understanding our environmental awareness and take direction action to create a more sustainable future.

The challenge was building an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) that brings all the facets of the game to life, works for all ages, and acts as an agency for change. 

The game is a native app on iOS and Android and is designed to create collaborative learning.  The initial release is the beginning of a long partnership to create an exciting and innovative way of engaging people in issues around the environment and ecology. 

The app was recognised for its impact being winning the Techies 2018 Social Impact award and a finalist in Bath Creative Awards.

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