Design and Development of a new Group and Services online presence including development of an integrated customer portal using SalesForce

Sector: Digital Retail, Hospitality

Completion Date:   August 2016

Services: CMS, Branding, UX, Design, SalesForce integration, Bespoke Dev

The Brief

allmanhall are a company committed to inspiring improvement in food service and catering environments.

They are conscious that everyone should have the opportunity to make informed choices about what they eat and drink.

However, as a team dedicated to improving procurement processes, they felt their online presence did not reflect this commitment, drive and passion.

The Solution

We pitched to them offering them a complete refresh of their online presence.

Liaising closely with allmanhall and creating a website project team, we devised new customer journeys, devices the site architecture and design.  All delivered on a bespoke CMS. 

Jenny Brundle, Marketing Adminstor said,

“Right from the word 'go', OJO Solutions threw themselves into designing and building our new website to coincide with our rebranding launch. They listened to everything we said, along with everything that was left unsaid.”

Following the development of the web solution OJO developed a full online customer portal integrated with Salesforce to enable customers and their partners to order online.