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Using technology to create an immersive learning space

Creating a fun, immersive and collaborative learning environment is key to all levels and types of education. Where students and teachers/instructors can access online resources, share and interact. Creating social collaborative environments where students can engage together in the learning process and increasingly, at higher levels of education and industry, engage with those in other institutions; whilst accessing resources anywhere, at any time and on any device.


ojo solutions focuses on ensuring the learning process is effective and efficient in an environment where there is:


  • Virtual collaborative workspaces, with a move towards shared areas and group work over mobile technology.
  • Engagement with all stakeholders
  • Self-directed, curiosity-based, game based and experiential learning
  • A need to ensure Digital Equity – ensuring equal access to technology

We know your sector

ojo solutions understands that within an environment where there is increasing competition between educational establishments to attract pupils and students, technology adoption and effective use could make the difference in terms of attracting the best calibre intake and in terms of the results achieved. However, in an environment where there are increasing constraints on funding, ojo solutions focuses on measurement of results in terms of effectiveness over time.





Wherever you are on your technology journey, we would love to help you take the next steps. So drop us a line and see how we can help you.

Making the right choice

You are probably already using technology to enhance the learning experience, but perhaps you would like some guidance on your next steps. We will help you understand the possibilities. Most importantly, we will help you make the right choices, then deliver and support your solutions. We can:

Facilitate workshops and analyse/audit your organisations use of technology to seek out needs and identify opportunities to exploit technology in the learning process

Develop technology strategies and translate them into realistic and achievable roadmaps

Manage your transformation programmes and projects and help students and educators to adopt innovative ways of learning

Understand your data and translate it into useful intelligence and develop dashboards

Integrate your systems and automate your organisation

Develop bespoke mobile, tablet, wearable apps and websites that help stakeholders engage

Manage and enhance your technology throughout its lifetime, so you get the latest in learning experiences

Help you to understand the benefits of cutting-edge technology and incubate new ideas around social, collaborative and immersive learning in our innovation lab


Pickwick Academy Trust wanted to create a learning social media environment for pupils where they could share and interact with their peers and teachers
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Meet the Executive Team

ojo solutions is a fast paced, dynamic, technology agency, based just outside Bath and led by people who love and know tech and how to make change happen.

Nathan Baranowski
Nathan Baranowski
Director Nathan is a company director and the head of the technology change practice. A strong strategic leader with over 15 years' experience in business improvement and delivering complex transformational change and pioneering in driving technology adoption in the health arena. Nathan has worked for a number organisations across the public and private sector.LinkedIn
Tom Passmore
Tom Passmore
Director Tom is a company director and heads up the development team. Proficient in agile development techniques, Tom has the ability to make the impossible possible. With over 14 years as a software development lead, working across the public and private sector on everything from payment gateways and data migrations to cutting edge education apps and augmented reality.LinkedIn
Kevin Triggle
Kevin Triggle
Director Kevin is a company director and heads up our front-end development and creative team and is the principal creative and user experience expert. Kevin's team can quickly translate business ideas into beautiful solutions. Kevin has over 10 years' experience in business process, website and application design and has a strong background of creating visually impacting solutions.LinkedIn
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