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Sectors ojo solutions delivers solutions across a number of sectors. We develop technology strategies and navigate the tech landscape for our customers. Guiding you through the enormous range of solutions and delivering you technology that transforms your organisation within your sector. CONTACT US

Introduction to sectors we work in

Whether you are in the retail sector looking to create immersive consumer experiences; in the charity sector looking for technology to do good; in the financial sector using technology for more efficient and effective financial engagement; in the leisure and travel sector looking to ensure a holistic journey through booking processes into holiday experiences; or in the education sector looking to lever technology to provide a fun, immersive and collaborative learning experience, ojo solutions is here to help in all of these sectors on technology implementation.

Charity Technology offers a world of opportunities to spread your message, build stronger supporter relationships and focus more of your funds to deliver incredible, life-changing things. Wherever you are on your charitable technology journey, we would love to help you take the next steps.

Retail We help retail organisations create immersive shopping experiences through innovative technology. Whether you are looking for a better commerce platform, to automate your business processes, develop an app or use Augmented reality to bring your products to life, ojo solutions can help to map out and deliver on your technology roadmap

Leisure Increasingly, technology permeates every aspect of the guest experience – from research and booking, through to the actual visit and then post visit follow up and interaction. We will help you to understand the possibilities of immersive and engaging technology within the travel and leisure sector and help you to bring these technologies to fruition.

Finance Customer interaction with financial groups has profoundly changed in the last few years and we are only just at the beginning of this journey. ojo solutions can help to understand and implement technologies such as Artificial intelligence and robotics in customer service and investment advice and Blockchain for distributed ledgers. We can advise you on secure access, through technologies such as fingerprint, iris scan, facial recognition and voiceprint.

Education In an environment of increasing competition between educational establishments to attract staff, pupils and students, technology adoption and its effective use will make the difference in terms of attracting the best calibre intake and in terms of the results achieved. Ojo solutions can help to create a fun, immersive and collaborative learning environment, where students and teachers/instructors can access online resources, share and interact.
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