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Ecoed Website Launch We have launched a new website for the Ecoed project NB
by Nathan Tom Kevin Rachel Rachel Darren
12 July 2017

Ecoed's founders want their new online app to be the first to combine education, gamification and interaction for all ages, revolutionising the field of environmental awareness and education by empowering people of all generations to act upon the very simple yet powerful decisions we can make within our daily lives to create a more sustainable society, and do so in a fun, accessible way.


We are very happy to share the launch of Ecoed's website for this project which showcases the app initiative and introduces the fun characters and challenges. The website has a short video, made with our friends @wearejooka, included that will give you a sense of how the app will look. I am sure you will agree this is an exciting looking concept and game.


The project is at an early development phase (mock up/demo) and we are looking into engaging different stakeholders (private companies, sustainable businesses, schools and individual users) in order to find ways of funding the full development and launch of Ecoed.


We would really appreciate any thoughts, feedback and insights. Please share this exciting news with your contacts and networks.


If you or anyone you know might be interested in engaging with us in any shape or form, we would welcome the conversations! Just get in touch with us.

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