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Nathan Baranowski

ojo discuss the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and trends for 2018


IoT, AI and VR/AR have all been the buzzwords of 2017. Along with blockchain and bitcoin, it can feel at times we techies are just making up a whole new language!

However, 2017 has seen some amazing leaps forward and it has to be said that the UK and especially the South West, is fast becoming the new Silicon Valley.

Security and specifically internet security has had a definite wake up call in 2017, with major cyber attacks, fake news and vote rigging, the power of the internet to inspire and corrupt has been brought to the fore of all of our attentions.

With GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) coming into force in mid-2018 it is no doubt a time for us to start to think about the internet and our data.

That said, IoT and the rise of chat bots and machines is only the beginning. I am excited to see businesses large and small grabbing the oportunity to use technology to become agile, automated and streamlined. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, along with robotics, driverless cars and augmented reality will be continued buzzwords of 2018 as we start to understand how we can really apply them to our everyday lives.

I look forward to seeing what is demonstrated at CES 2018 (Consumer Electronics Show) this January, giving us a flavour of what's to come.

If you ever wanted to dive deep into technology, now is the time.

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