The Importance of Awards

Nathan Baranowski

What they can mean for your Business


At the birthplace of Western civilisation, ancient Greece awarded their greatest Olympians with laurel wreaths. The wreath which had no monetary value, instead it simply represented their status and stature amongst the proletariat. A few hundred years into the future, and the Roman empire are racing chariots around a packed colosseum, vying for honour – and generous bounties of gold. In the modern age, humanity could probably be accused of handing out too many awards.

The Razzies are handed out to award terrible movie making, the Lantern Rouge is given to the worst cyclist in the tour de France, and in Australia – there are spoon bending championships. On the other hand, there are also thousands of talented teams and individuals who have fought tooth and nail to earn recognition in their particular discipline.

An award win can mean a lot of different things for a lot of different people. Businesses are intrinsically similar. In the commercial sphere, an award win can be the difference maker in a tough quarter; it can inject life into staff morale and create new partnerships that ultimately strengthen relationships with your customers.

A trust indicator
Unless you are part of the Mafia, good business relationships are built on trust. The trust formed between a business and their clients is quintessentially important to prevent churn and create sticky customers. An award can act as the perfect band-aid or the wheat grass shot that a business needs to add legitimacy to their product. Whether it's services or consumables, an award shows a customer that your business has earned industry wide recognition from their peers.

A lead generator
An award win can put a business in the spotlight for all the right reasons. Industry awards recognise excellence, and most customers are not just happy with satisfactory. It’s human nature to have a preference for the best, and businesses are no different. Being able to include your award win in collateral and marketing campaigns can aid in everyday lead generation, and open doors to new logos who previously wouldn’t have considered working with your company.

A partnership creator
Great companies like to work with great companies. Award ceremonies are a fantastic place to network and create new and exciting partnerships that could prosper for years to come. Whether it’s a city-wide event or industry specific, even a nomination is a great opportunity to introduce yourselves to key decision makers. If you are lucky enough to win an award, it’s likely that you won’t have to go looking for opportunities: they’ll fall right into your lap instead.

A happiness maker
Award winning businesses typically have an excellent calibre of staff. The everyday people who make a difference in your business deserve recognition for their commitment to the cause. Bringing an award into the workplace acts as a physical representation of your team’s valiant efforts. Whether it’s from a great campaign, a commitment to local causes or a fantastic financial year, your award win is a cause to celebrate throughout the business.

What awards mean to us

For an ambitious start-up or growing company, receiving an award can make all the difference – however, even those who are shortlisted within the finalists enjoy an influx of interest from both businesses and individuals. However, beyond the bottom-line benefits, awards can be the spark that ignites creativity within the local business community.

Within the South West tech sector, the sense of recognition that is drawn from various award ceremonies serves as inspiration – not just to those operating within the industry, but to budding graduates in the area. Whether it’s an award for an innovative solution or the best creative team, the awareness raised through award ceremonies shines the spotlight on those who dare to dream. With hundreds of talented nominees under one roof, it’s impossible not to be inspired.

Take the TechSPARK Sparkies Awards: each year, 300 hopefuls gather with crossed fingers to hear the results: this alone serves as proof that the collaborative tech community is alive and kicking in the South West. But it doesn’t stop there. Events such as the Creative Bath Awards were launched to celebrate the wealth of talent in the city and surrounding areas.

This year, the team at ojo were shortlisted in 3 different areas: the Creativity for Good, Agency and App categories. One month prior, we picked up a couple of awards at the Wiltshire Techies for Social Impact and Most Innovative Tech Solution. It’s achievements such as these that remind us of why we do what we do, and we aren’t about to stop now.

Our recent victories and nominations for upcoming award ceremonies are listed below.

Wiltshire Techies May 2018
Most Innovative Tech Solution
Social Impact Award

Bradford on Avon Business Awards 2016/2017/2018

2018 (18th Oct) we are nominated in:
Best Team
Best Consultancy or Practice
Technology & Innovation award
Design Award

Vote for us here Voting still open until 7th October!!

Previously Finalists in:
Best use of IT/Software Design
Best Creative Industries

Creative Bath Awards 2017/2018
Agency Category
App Category

Southwest Awards Business & Community Jan 2018
SME of the Year
Business of the Year

TechSPARK Sparkies Awards 2016
Best use of UX Design



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