SSL Certificates and the expectation of encryption

Kevin Triggle

In this article we talk about SSL and reasons you should go secure


The main question most website owners will ask about SSL or HTTPS is 'do I need it'. If you run an ecommerce website the answer is simple, yes you do.

Even if you use an 'off site' payment processor such as PayPal to remove the headache of PCI compliance (and the legal requirement of SSL) the expectation these days from shoppers online is that you should be handling their data in a secure way. Due to global data breaches, consumer trust online is very low with people tending to stick to stores they believe will look after their information.

Even if you don't run an online shop, you should really be considering adding the little green padlock to your website. You'll notice that the ojo website runs from HTTPS.

Not because we handle payment information or sensitive data but because it shows you we care about our customers experience online.

The old argument of cost is also dead in the water. You can pick up SSL certificates at low cost or even free! Sites like offer free SSL certificates which you can install on your website or simply by routing through a CDN like Cloudflare you can take advantage of their free SSL service at the click of a button.

The expectation of encryption is here and it's the website owners job to fall in line or risk losing the trust of their customers. There is also one more important reason to go secure...Google!

Google now includes whether your site is secure or not as part of its ranking algorithm and is actively trying to make 'HTTPS Everywhere'

Speak to us today about securing your website.


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