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Reflections on Charity Technology Conference 2017 A look back at the Conference earlier this month and the technological journeys we must take NB
by Nathan Tom Kevin Rachel Rachel Darren
20 November 2017

We are so proud to have sponsored the Charity Technology Conference for a second year, held on 9th November 2017. 


I love the conference for the opportunity to chat to so many interesting people. Truly inspiring, reassuring, and thought provoking to hear so many stories of challenge, innovation and hope.  


I never get the opportunity to talk to everyone and would love to hear about your journey, what your tech ambitions are and what may be preventing you from stepping forward.  Please do share or get in touch to let me know.


It felt to me that the conference came in 2 parts this year:

1.    how to transform your charity and
2.    what to transform into


The conversations over breaks and lunch seemed to echo a continued narrative of how do we do that, what do I need to do and is that for me and my charity?


It was great to hear the wake-up call and new dawn of the technological era clearly landing.  It feels from last year we are now ready to recognise the need to embrace technology.  We are in a different world now and technology is and should play a fundamental role in our organisations, transform the way we work and engage with our stakeholders.


It was wonderful to hear stories of how technology is helping to impact lives and the importance of doing, experimenting and exploring in our technology journeys.  


Change starts from within and from the conference that recognition of our tech predispositions came across and perhaps a realisation that we are on our own change journeys and that we perhaps don't need any more death stars, islands or empires. 


Collectively, we are all on a journey, so why not do it together?


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