Potential of UX in Business

Kevin Triggle

Kevin talks about the potential of UX in business


Where is UX predominantly used in business? What is the potential for this undertaking?

UX or User Experience has become increasingly important to be aware of. Essentially it deals with the experience someone has whilst interacting with a system. In our world this could be everything from a basic shop window brochure site, an ecommerce solution, bespoke business application or mobile app. All should have good UX at their core.

How have things have changed over the years?

The overall expectation for intuitive, user focused design has increased dramatically over the last few years. Mainly prompted by the increase of mobile use and the decline of desktop browsing. We were all forced to go through a period where only the most dedicated and forward-thinking designers and developers were catering for their mobile audience correctly whereas now that priority has reversed and the importance of understanding the experience your users have whilst using your services and the impression it leaves with them has increased.

Over the last 10 years we’ve seen many specialist roles with the term ‘UX’ emerge. Designers became Web designers, who became Interaction designers, who then became UX designers as the importance around UX carved out a new niche for itself in the workplace. I think as time goes on this will dilute and designers of all levels will become much more focused around UX and user centric design.

There is also a better understanding of the UX process now so rather than assume that the perfect experience can be created as part of the initial design process, good UX is understood to be iterative and evolving. Incremental improvements over time based on detailed knowledge of user interaction, testing and feedback.

Why and how adoption is increasing?

People and businesses are often reluctant to change but more and more are getting smarter and listening to their customers. Most businesses now use tools such as Google Analytics to get a detailed view of their online world in real time and see how users are interacting with it.

Engaging with a UX specialist who can review the current experience and help improve the process can reap huge rewards very quickly.

What does this mean for businesses looking to implement this?

Firstly there needs to be acceptance that user centric design is important to the business. This might mean that what you perceive important to show the user and what you’ve always done in the past needs to change, and that can be uncomfortable. In a world with infinite alternatives and competitors only a click away, users are fussy and rightly so. We’re busy people but also increasingly loyal to systems and businesses that serve a real purpose and make our lives easier.

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