Innovation: Co-creating our future

Nathan Baranowski

Nathan explores what innovation truly means and why collaboration is the key


Innovation is one of those words that is used too often without real thought. Here at ojo solutions we pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of what technology can do for us, finding new ways of doing things differently - that is just the norm.

Our Innovation Lab however goes beyond clever. Its purpose is to break social norms, find solutions to societal problems and disrupt business with the purpose of visioning the future we all aspire to. Demonstrating how it can be achieved and showcasing, through technology, how it can be realised.  

To truly innovate it is important to recognise it cannot be done alone. We co-create, co-design and co-develop solutions with small businesses, entrepreneurs, charities and other interested parties. With a huge passion for technology for social good we work purposefully in the Education and Health and Social Care sectors, bringing together different skills to solve real problems.     

The South West is littered with SME’s, amazing research and academic institutes. It truly is the Silicon Valley of the South West which makes it a great place to bring people together, cross pollinate ideas and truly innovate.

To innovate however isn’t easy.  To do so we all have to dare to dream and more importantly dare to share those dreams.  We also need to become really unhappy with the status quo, get under the roots of whatever is it is that is causing an issue or problem to allow the need to be properly defined and the solution to emerge.  Innovation in technology isn’t about just building an app, it is about creating solutions that push us.  Steve Jobs would not of created the iPhone if he didn't think beyond the problem and dare to dream.  

We have helped a major health and social care charity and implemented smart home solutions, co-created with teachers and pupils a cutting edge virtual learning environment, co-designed an eco-education solution and helped over 30 businesses and individuals understand their issues and translate them into tangible, innovative solutions.  

So whether you simply have a problem you seem to not be able to find the answer to, have a great idea for an app, want to solve health and social care challenges or transform education - ojo solutions can help. We all have the ability to innovate, but only together can we deliver.  So why not start by sharing your dream.   Find out how here.


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