Gadgets and Gizmos of CES 2018

Tom Passmore

Some highlights of the weird and wonderful


Whilst there are always some big launches and announcements at CES 2018, we were interested in looking at some of the more alternative tech that was showcased this year.

Some of these may never see the light of a production line, but here are some highlights of the weird and wonderful:

Forward X showcased a Self driving suitcase bag with a 170 degree wide angle camera and laser radars to guide it. Your autonomous suitcase just follows you around.

Foldimate is a robot which will fold all your laundry. The fast folding technology allows for quick feeding of items into the machine whilst it simultaneously folds them. This one has actually gone into production with orders being taken for late 2019 in the US.

L’oreal have developed a battery free wearable which measures your skin’s UV exposure. This can be worn on a fingernail or a pair of sunglasses to give you instant warnings.

A smart magik toothbrush from Kolibree, which engages its young user in an augmented reality gaming app to make brushing fun. It also gives information on brushing duration and quality.

Vuzix blade smart glasses integrated with Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant. They have an imbedded camera, microphone, and side mounted touch pad, so you can wear your office wherever you are!

AvatarMind’s Ipal robots could be the new teaching assistants in schools. They have 23 motors and are designed to engage with children, providing educational content and supporting social development.

Kohler made their debut at the show this year and earned the accolade of CES 2018 innovation awards honoree for their Verdera voice lighted mirror. With built in Alexa, this is a highly functional centrepiece for any smart bathroom.
Kohler had many of their smart household items on display including;

Numi an intelligent toilet which delivers everything you could want and didn’t know you needed! Hands free Alexa enabled flushing, bidet cleansing, feet warming, odour control, music, night light function and seat temperature management.

Their smart bathtub supports voice commands for fill level & water temperature as well as adjusting the tubs hydrotherapy and acoustic soundwave settings, the ultimate in luxurious bathing! And then set off this experience using Moodo’s wifi connected, alexa supported scent machine to make your bathroom into a spa!

Connected gadgets for pampered pets were in abundance at the show, activity trackers, pet cameras, smart feeders (remote control treats fired out for your pet!), doors as well as a bed with adjustable temperature feature. Mousr is an AI controlled cat toy which moves and reacts based on your cat’s movements.

Smart tech help with sleep is big business with a dedicated section to sleep tech at the show this year. Sleep trackers, as well as aids to help you get maximum sleep, a bed that rocks you to sleep or a headband which plays white noise in response to your brainwaves, companies are desperate to maximise your sleeping potential!


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