Creating value through apps

Tom Passmore

Learn how to use cutting edge tech to create value


Too often is the case that we use technology for technology sake.

At CES 2017, the industry’s biggest technology tradeshow, we got glimpses of the future, with amazing technologies we never even knew we needed. Will they enhance personal or business experiences and improve customer engagement or just be another thing that gathers dust in the corner?

Technology should be at the forefront of any forward-thinking business. Digital opportunities are only going to increase and the key is utilising the right technology to enhance your business and create customer value. I would argue every business, large or small, can benefit from and should be exploring how apps can create value for their business and their customers.

Apps by their nature are transformative and many companies already enjoy the benefits they can bring and at a cost that all businesses can afford. Be it marketing and lead generation, customer retention, creating efficiencies and reducing costs in internal processes, offering additional revenue streams or creating new customer experiences.

Take supermarkets for example, the progression and transformation of the customer experience, creation of customer loyalty and efficiency has been transformed through modern technology that is now in your smartphone. 10 years ago we all struggled to do our shop online, realising it was quicker to go to the store. Now you can buy your shop on your tablet and the app knows what you want based on your behaviours, or if you’re in the store you can shop as you go using your ‘quick check’ app. The evolution of the shopping experience through the ‘Amazon Go’ shop, removes the need for scanning or even checking. Using the Internet of Things and an App, you simply pick up and bag the items you want and when you walk out the store it charges you.

Supermarkets and ‘shop and go’ technology may feel a million miles away from your business. Yet simply put they are about creating value for customers and delivering a business efficiently. Here at ojo solutions we did just that with a local Wiltshire business – Playforce - through the development of a bespoke playground design app and integration into their existing systems. For Playforce this was about enhancing the customer experience, as well as increasing productivity and efficiency, and giving them the leading edge.

All these examples have one thing in common. They solve problems that need solving, using cutting edge technology to do it.

So what are your business needs and how can app technology help you?

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