CES day 1

Tom Passmore

CES 2018 is well underway, so here is a a round up of what's caught our eye so far


With a plethora of tech ‘firsts’ and announcements coming thick and fast, giving a round up of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is in danger of being out of date before it’s written but as Las Vegas are just waking up to Day 2 of #CES2108 here is a selection of interesting releases and concepts so far…

TVs are a hot topic and two notable announcements came from Samsung and LG

Samsung’s ‘The Wall’ measures 146 inches (diagonally), a MicroLED using Cinema screen technology, whilst LG’s Rollable OLED TV is a more space saving option! The large 65 inch TV can be rolled up like a poster.

Samsung and LG are implementing digital voice assistants into their 2018 TV’s as well as fridges and even mirrors! LG InstaView ThinQ fridge is the latest ‘smart’ fridge which will recommend recipes based on what you have in your fridge, and will guide you through the cooking process.

Hanson Robotics Sophia,their humanoid robot, took her first steps with the addition of legs given to her this year by DRC-HUBO. Her ‘frubber’ skin lets her move and blink relatively naturally.

Unfortunately LG’s robot unveiling did not quite go according to plan, CLOi was less than responsive when on stage, ignoring prompts from the presenter.

Sony’s Aibo robot dog was back following its previous model's decommission in 2006 and it came with much more personality and tricks to wow its audience.

 VR headsets where ever present and HTC have announced their Vive Pro headset, promising the best audio and video possible. They also unveiled an adapter allowing for Wireless VR experiences. This, HTC confirmed, will be released later this year.

Toyota discussed their vision for e-palette as a multi functional self-driving transportation unit, outfitted to suit any company’s needs, whether delivery or mobile office space, Toyota has managed to confirm partnerships with Amazon, Uber, Pizza Hut and Mazda. Testing for this could begin by 2020.

Smaller scale tech, but the Velco wink bar is a smart handlebar system for bikes. With GPS tracking technology, smart flashlights and the ability to record usage statistics, these are billed as the first connected handlebars.

Vivo today showcased their in-screen phone fingerprint scanner. The first of its kind, the screen registers your fingerprint and into the phone you go. This technology comes with a price tag so it is likely to be with premium phones first before being rolled out.

Today sees the start of the Digital Health Summit in Las Vegas. We are keen to see the advances in technology discussed here as digital healthcare technology continues to make extraordinary impacts on many healthcare challenges.

CES 2018 is well underway and we will keep you updated with what has caught our eye through the days.


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