Innovation Lab

Working together for a better solution

OJO Solutions partners with and invests in organisations and entrepreneurs looking to use technology as a catalyst for change. Together, we tackle and overcome the greatest challenges facing businesses, communities and society as a whole, alongside being commercially beneficial for all.

We assume the art of the possible.

If a product or service is innovative and has the potential to truly be a disruptor, we’ll provide the support needed to bring it to market both in the UK and internationally.

This includes domain expertise, proof of concept to test the idea and how it can be developed, and the prototype that shows how it will be deployed in the real world. It also includes exposure to our extensive network and access to capital, whether seed finance, venture capital funding, equity capital or grants.

Technology has the power to deliver positive change while significantly influencing the way we live and do business, both in the here and now and for generations to come. It is a constant evolution.

By utilising our commercial insights and track record of successfully bringing game-changing tech solutions to market, we can ensure maximum impact and return on investment for the products and services we incubate.

Whether an established business or start-up, through our innovation lab we will partner with you to build your idea into one that will disrupt and enable your business or social impact to succeed.

OJO exists to create a better future through technology. We passionately believe in doing business differently. Our lab is there to enable us to invest in the future together.

Nathan Baranowski - Managing Director & Founder - OJO solutions