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We Co-Create and Co-develop the future we conceptualise, research, develop, and take to market innovative and disruptive digital products in partnership with other organisations, industry experts or entrepreneurs, with the aim of pioneering new ways of working and delivering benefits to industry, communities and society as a whole. SPEAK TO US

We can help you

We look at every project on its merits. Our aim is to bring new and innovative products to the UK and the world.

Whether for commercial gain or social good we believe that tedhnoolgy has the power and potential to significantly impact the way we live and do business for decades to come.

If you are considering a new opportunity and are looking for a technology partner who can make it happen please get in touch and see how a partnership with ojo will help you.

Wherever you are on your technology journey, we would love to help you take the next steps. So drop us a line and see how we can help you.

Our Approach

Our approach is exploratory, commercial and driven by potential impact. We work with our ideas or with others to develop visions around real world problems and how, through technology, they can be solved.

Whether the technology exists or needs to be created, we assume the art of the possible. With a track record of innovation and successful go-to-market strategies, we bring commercial insights to our ventures and partnerships that will ensure maximum impact and ROI for the products we incubate.

How we can help

We offer a range of services to explore ideas and develop new technologies. Our offering is balanced between impact, risk and reward. Our Lab is about taking risks, building technology for social good and enabling new products to be taken to market, where without ojo, it would not happen.

Our services include:

Facilitate workshops, drink coffee and work with you to develop your ideas into concepts
Help shape the vision for your business venture, new digitial solution and ensure your value proposition gives your product the future it deserves
Develop high level and detailed solution designs to enable your idea to get funding
Help to guide and build a business plan and strategy for your business
Take simple ideas and translate them rapidly into concepts and proto-types for bids and market testing
Market test ideas to prove their worth.
Enable funding through a number of sources including seed finance, equity and grants
Offer full CTO expertise to provide technology capability into your enterprise
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