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Transforming organisations through technology We will help you develop a technology strategy and navigate the tech landscape. Guiding you through the enormous range of solutions and delivering you technology that transforms your organisation.

Every member of the ojo team is driven by a desire to make a difference. Our unique approach combines business, technology and change consultancy; to ensure that, whatever your need, we can define and deliver a solution that will exceed expectations.

We can help you

At ojo solutions, we help organisations understand how to use technology to solve their business needs. We tie cutting-edge technology and processes together to make you more efficient and productive, and to improve the way you engage with your customers, employees and supporters.

Here is how we can help you:

Facilitate workshops and analyse your organisation to understand your goals and needs
Develop business and technology strategies and translate them into realistic and achievable roadmaps
Manage your programmes and projects to transform your business
Understand your data and translate it into useful intelligence and develop dashboards and electronic reporting capabilities.
Integrate your systems and automate your business
Develop bespoke websites, mobile, tablet and wearable apps
Manage, support and enhance your technology throughout its lifetime & ensure continual improvement
Understand the benefits of cutting-edge technology and incubate new ideas in our Innovation Lab
Wherever you are on your technology journey, we would love to help you take the next steps. So drop us a line and see how we can help you.


We work across the public and private sector, working large charities and multi-national organisations to start-ups and entrepreneurs. Whatever your sector ojo can help. Here are a few examples of how.

Enabling you to focus on your causes by helping you to become a digital organisation, reducing cost, increasing revenue and creating new value for your stakeholders.

The Disabilities Trust

From an initial audit to delivering a 5-year transformation programme, ojo solutions have been fully immersed to deliver a digital organisation.

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Within an environment where there is increasing competition between educational establishments to attract staff and students, technology adoption and overall engagement experience could make the difference in terms of attracting the best calibre people.


The Ecoed App gamifies the learning experience to ensure interactivity, engagement and immersion. Based around the concept of a quiz game, Ecoed helps to educate and inform whilst providing a fun and interactive experience for the student.

More about our experience in education
Financial institutions face competition from non-traditional market players with skills, funding, and attitude. ojo solutions is consulting and implementing solutions using artificial intelligence, Bots and Blockchain and how these technologies enable innovation around customer service, investment advice and distributed ledgers.


Creating a comprehensive system for ATM Estate Managers, Branch Managers, Engineers, Law Enforcement, as well as the public themselves, to report faulty cash machines.

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This sector is dependent on consumer confidence and is facing increasing pressure to deliver innovation, quality and value; engaging with digitally active consumers who expect to be able to interact with brands on a personalised, multichannel basis and who are harnessing social media and mobile technology.


Westowski needed to showcase their split screen campervan with a visually stunning web presence. Our creation of a simple booking system solution effortlessly allows their customers to access a lifestyle, not just a vehicle hire, for the weekend or longer!

More about our experience in leisure
blue o two
Challenges include online evolution, managing the customer experience and analysing the vast amounts of captured data to benefit the customer and retailer. Plus, figuring out the potential of mobility as part of the service offered.


Playforce approached ojo solutions to translate their manual, paper-based POS collateral and design process into an industry-leading digital solution for their field-based sales team. Automating and visualizing the complete cycle to engage and immerse the customer in their product offering.

More about our experience in retail
By nature, start-ups are focused on disruption of their target market. In most cases this involves use of technology in innovative ways within their target sector. ojo solutions enables start-ups to leverage technology to maximum effect.

Yugen Explore

Although predominantly an e-commerce and user experience project, the key technology used to ensure a more compelling customer experience was tagging: the solution uses product tags in an innovative and new way to guide the customer to suitable products.
Wherever you are on your technology journey, we would love to help you take the next steps. So drop us a line and see how we can help you.

Our Approach

Our collaborative approach is why our customers choose us and how we ensure we deliver solutions that make a real difference.

Approach Goals GOALS Work with you to understand your goal(s) Needs NEEDS Define your needs and priorities Strategy STRATEGY Devise a strategy setting out how we will use technology to achieve your goals Plan PLAN Create a roadmap to meet your timescales and budget Deliver DELIVER Roll out your new technology and processes Support SUPPORT Support you to realise your goals and continually improve

As an expert team of strategists, analysts, solution architects, user experience and interface designers and developers, we will partner with you to ensure you have the right capabilities and scale ourselves to compliment your teams to deliver the solutions you need.
Wherever you are on your technology journey, we would love to help you take the next steps. So drop us a line and see how we can help you.

Meet the Executive Team

ojo solutions is a fast paced, dynamic, technology agency, based just outside Bath and led by people who love and know tech and how to make change happen.

Nathan Baranowski
Nathan Baranowski
Director Nathan is a company director and the head of the technology change practice. A strong strategic leader with over 15 years’ experience in business improvement and delivering complex transformational change and pioneering in driving technology adoption in the health arena. Nathan has worked for a number organisations across the public and private sector.LinkedIn
Tom Passmore
Tom Passmore
Director Tom is a company director and heads up the development team. Proficient in agile development techniques, Tom has the ability to make the impossible possible. With over 14 years as a software development lead, working across the public and private sector on everything from payment gateways and data migrations to cutting edge education apps and augmented reality.LinkedIn
Kevin Triggle
Kevin Triggle
Director Kevin is a company director and heads up our front-end development and creative team and is the principal creative and user experience expert. Kevin's team can quickly translate business ideas into beautiful solutions. Kevin has over 10 years' experience in business process, website and application design and has a strong background of creating visually impacting solutions.LinkedIn
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