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We help you use technology to get your message out, transfrom supporter engagement and deliver the best possible service

We'll show you the art of the possible

Whether your passion is to help people, animals, plants or the planet, we can empower you to do even more incredible, life-changing things.

Technology offers a world of opportunities for you to get your message out, build stronger supporter relationships and focus more of your funds where they’ll really make a difference.

You’re probably already using technology, but perhaps aren’t sure what your next steps should be, or how to get the greatest benefit from things like mobile, wearables or the Internet of Things (IoT).

That’s where we come in


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How we'll help We’ve spent years enabling charities to do more with technology, so we know this unique sector inside out. We understand the pressures, the regulatory frameworks and the need to ensure every penny is well-spent.

That’s why we’re your ideal partner – whatever your needs.

We can:
  • Help you understand how to get more from your existing technology
  • Craft and deliver the perfect strategic tech roadmap
  • Enable you to lift valuable insights from your data
  • Securely unleash the benefits of cloud, mobile, IoT and other technologies
  • Empower your employees, volunteers and supporters with easy-to-use tools

Wherever you are on your technology journey, we’d love to help you take the next steps. So drop us a line and we can chat over a coffee to see what we can do.

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Get your own app for just £2K! To help charities transform the way they engage with their supporters, we’re offering 10 organisations the opportunity to create their own app for just £2K each.

Register today to be part of this amazing project and we’ll also enter you into a draw to win tickets to the 2017 Charity Technology Conference.
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Industry Expertise

We are technology experts, pioneers in our industry with a simple focus on making technology work. Our consultancy and application development and design services cover all aspects of technology. Because we are technology agnostic we can provide a comprehensive and impartial view of your needs.
Audits Assess your current landscape and define the gaps to deliver your needs
Vision & Strategy Shape your business goals into a technology vision, define a strategy and define a roadmap to enable you to get from today to your intended goal.
Transformation Support senior management and whole organisations through business and technology change, from programme and project management to change management and benefits realisation.
Solutions Architecting Analysis of your whole system landscape to understand and translate your business needs into the most efficient, robust and effective technology systems infrastructure.
Business Analysis Ensure your business is fit for the present as well as the future, defining processes and your business requirements to deliver a lean and effective business
Selection & Procurement Ensure you select the right solution and technology partner to support your business.
Diligence Appraisal of the technology and digital infrastructure and capability of a potential investment/ acquisition, highlighting weaknesses and opportunities
Training Technology training – face-to-face and e-learning to ensure your colleagues are fully leveraging your technology.
Mobile Apps We develop bespoke apps for Ios, Android and Windows and provide a fully managed app service
Online Applications We develop bespoke online applications that are fully integrated with your business applications and can even give your old systems a modern make over
MS SharePoint & O365 We develop solutions using MS SharePoint and leverage the full Office 365 suite to transform your business
Data integration Data and legacy system Migration and interfacing
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