Website Reboot

Rachel Passmore

As the New Year has been welcomed in, it feels an ideal time to dust off your website and give it a 2016 revamp!


When was your website last updated?

Do you feel it truly represents you and promotes your brand values and message?
Trends are constantly changing when it comes to web design and it would be virtually impossible to continually change your website to follow them all. The trick is to use these trends as additional tools for your website rather than them being your foundation. Ultimately make sure your website works for your intended users.
Here are 10 solid top tips for a creating a great website:
1. Keep it simple – Less is more for today’s website design-clear succinct messaging
2. Remember your audience – always have your target audience in mind when designing and writing content
3. Clear and consistent branding that showcases your business 
4. Strategic/Strong colour – used well, colour can provide an emotional direction for your website design
5. Striking Photography – use good photos on your website to direct the attention of your audience
6. Readable fonts – some fonts read better than others on screen, make sure yours is clear and styled
7. Make it intuitive – navigation options should make sense to a user or they may look elsewhere
8. Responsive Design – Ensure your content automatically responds to whatever device it is being viewed on so it always looks fantastic
9. Test your Design – It may look great but does it work? Is it easy to navigate? Become your user and test it! Don't be afraid to ask the audience
10. Include social media links – get potential customers to follow you on twitter, facebook etc

Here are examples, in our view, of two badly designed website pages:



One has very little information, the other too much. Both are very uninviting as landing pages and would not entice you to look further into what the websites have to offer. Looking back at our top 10, they have not adhered to many, if any of them and their overall designs let them down.

Here is an example of a simple, clear web design, showing the business branding clearly and using one strong colour to attract your eye.
Use of stunning photography can only enhance your products and keep your audience’s attention.


Now is a great time to look at your current site and see if it is still represents you in today’s ever changing technical age.
Here are a few questions to ask:
• Does it promote your company’s core values?
• Is your brand messaging clear and make you stand out from your competitors?
• Is your site responsive - would it function correctly on virtually any device?
If you answered no to any of these questions it’s time to give us a call! With our offer of 10% off web design & development running until 14th February, there has never been a better time to get in touch.
ojo solutions can deliver you a fantastic online design completely from scratch, working with you on your branding and marketing or we are equally happy to complement your existing branding and colour schemes with a fresh new online solution to help relaunch your business in 2016.
At ojo we specialise in creating fantastic looking websites and online solutions. We understand how important that first impression is and we work with you to make sure we understand the image you want to portray and that it translates into reality on screen.
We are passionate about technology and making it work the way it is supposed to. Our experienced team offer a unique blend of expertise, and a personal approach, to help define and transform your ideas and business needs into real solutions and develop and deliver quality products that will make a difference to you, your business and your customers.
2016 is your year to stand out!




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