Virtual becoming a Reality

Tom Passmore

Tom explains the more accessible VR option currently available, Google Cardboard:


Virtual reality has over the recent years become more of a reality with the likes of oculus rift and Samsung gear VR bringing it to the masses. But both of these are still in their infancy, technology is moving fast and shelling out £200-300 for equipment which will soon become obsolete is not everyone’s cup of tea.  There is also the fact that although we have access to virtual reality how much and how will we actually use it - so what's the alternative?

Google cardboard - a project released at the google expo 2014 (designed for android) has now evolved into a viable solution (The 2015 Google expo released a new version with better controls and a port of the cardboard app for Apple IOS).   Designed to bring virtual reality to the masses it uses your own smart phone inserted into a cardboard frame to give you the VR experience on the cheap.

For those who are interested in VR technology and where it is going this seems an excellent alternative to pricier solutions.

From a development point of view Google has also introduced an sdk to help developers build immersive VR apps and at ojo we will definitely be looking into this in the future.

Check out Google cardboard or if even this is too much you can download the plans and build it yourself


The BBC News page online have created a handy guide to VR on the cheap!


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