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ojo feature in both current editions of The Business Exchange magazine. As well as introducing some ojo team members we talk tech for the coming year and beyond.


ojo feature in the latest editions of The Business Exchange Magazine. As we head towards a New Year, we share our thoughts and insights on technology transforming business now, in 2017 and beyond.
What technology has had the biggest impact in 2016?

Nathan - Office 365 and the MS offering for cloud based computing. It’s having as big an impact as when windows 3.1 came out!
Kevin – Augmented reality has finally become mainstream thanks to Pokemon Go. A few businesses are beginning to exploit this with significant benefits.
What technology will define 2017?

Nathan – Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. These technologies will transform the way we operate delivering unparalleled insight and true business automation. Sounds futuristic but it’s here and affordable.
Tom – Voice recognition and bots like Siri, Google Now and Amazon Echo will move us away from taps to chat. They’ll transform the way we consume data. Our Echo is already impacting how we consume news in the office.
Kevin – Virtual Reality. The arrival of Playstation VR, HTC Vive and Microsoft Hololens prove virtual reality is no longer about gaming. Architects will soon be presenting VR walkthroughs of their drawings and soldiers will soon be trained in VR combat situations.
What’s the greatest challenge for technology?

Nathan – High profile security breaches and cyber terrorism have made consumers wary of data security. It’s our job to ensure businesses can be trusted with private information and consumers know what is held where.
Tom – For big data to work, the big challenge for business is setting the rules for sharing information.
How will technology change business over the next 5 years?

Tom – At the moment we consciously interact with technology but tech will become invisible, simply part of how we live. Imagine looking out of your window and getting a full weather report.
Nathan - Tech will become the cornerstone of business. We’ll meet clients in our virtual office and our new Finance Director might be a robot.

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