OJO #Five Point Friday

Tom Passmore

Issue: #5 Five Point Friday brought to you by OJO's Tom Passmore 8th May 2020

Five Point Friday

A brief round up from the team at @OJO on their week. This week is the turn of Tom Passmore

What was I listening to? 
In honour of the recent passing of the great Kenny Rogers (seeing him in concert, much to the dismay of my wife and children was honestly the best day in my life 😉) I have been listening to some of his classics such as, The Gambler, Coward of the Country, Lucille to name but a few.  

What am I reading? 
Getting back into my sci-fi space I am really enjoying the book Seveneves a book by Neal Stephenson about when a catastrophic event shatters the moon into fragments and rendering the Earth uninhabitable. Humankind must take to the stars, with unforeseen dangers only a handful of people remain. Fast forward five thousand years there are now seven distinct races descended from the seven eves who now must embark on yet another journey into an alien world.

What kept me going this week? 
Laughing, with all the unknown factors going on around us. It is great that both at home and work everyone has a good sense of humour and keeps everybody’s spirits up.

My new fitness regime in lock down 
Really enjoying evening walks with the family and dog.

Project I am working on right now 
Always involved in a number of projects and supporting the rest of the team as required.  Predominantly working a lot in the Microsoft Dynamics and Azure space in terms of data migrations and getting stuck into Power Automate. 

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