OJO #Five Point Friday

Mike Parry

Issue #4 Five Point Friday brought to you by OJO's Mike Parry 1st May 2020

Five Point Friday

A brief roundup from the team at @OJO on their week. This week it is brought to you by Mike Parry

What are you listening to?

When coding I like to get into a fast, intense flow and dive into the technology. I think that's why I seek out trance and synthwave.

What are you reading?

Humble Pi by Matt Parker, a book about how mathematical errors have had funny or scary impacts on the real world. It's honestly not dry, it has just the right balance of geekery and humour!

What kept you going this week?

As predictable as it may be to bring up pets it's the truth. I rescued a bearded dragon not long before the lock down and she really brightens my day.

My new fitness regime in lock down is....

Computer games are not traditionally exercise but a virtual reality headset can change that if played with enough enthusiasm. I'm always tired out after a session of Fruit Ninja silliness.

Project I am working on right now  

There are always various things to do but my main assignment is a new website for a purpose driven FinTech organisation. It's hard work but it's so satisfying to build nifty features for a client who are doing such good things.


Five Point Friday

OJO #Five Point Friday

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