OJO #Five Point Friday

Laura Pinkstone

Issue: #3 Five Point Friday brought to you by OJO's Laura Pinkstone 24th April 2020

Five Point Friday

A brief round up from the team at @OJO on their week. This week it is brought to you by Laura Pinkstone

What was I listening to? 

I've been mixing it up lately on what I've been listening to and just set Spotify off on a playlist and see what comes up. There has been some great classics which have played which has been a great throw back to my younger days! 

What am I reading? 

I have a pile of books on my reading list at the moment which I'm slowly working my way through. The current book I'm reading is Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth and Happiness by Richard H Thaler and Cass R Sunstein, which looks at how you can influence people into making certain choices - whether they are good choices or bad. It's a fascinating read into how we work.    

What kept me going this week? 

My dog Freya keeps me going as she loves her early morning walks, and as I live on a country estate this gives me the great opportunity to see all the wildlife which has moved in since there is less traffic and people.  

My new fitness regime in lock down 

Fitness for me in lock down has mostly been very long walks with the dog, and the time I use to spend driving to work is now spent going for a long walk which is great. I have sporadically completed a few runs in between different DIY projects I have happening in the garden. 

Project I am working on right now 

I'm working on a few different projects at the moment for some charities, and we are currently in the process of running a number of different viral workshops with clients to understand their users’ needs and requirements. Another exciting project is working on the OJO website and we are currently in the process of going through the UX process of understanding our users, so we can map out journeys. Watch this space!


Five Point Friday

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