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OJO #Five Point Friday

Jo Wren

Issue #7 Five Point Friday brought to you by OJO's Jo Wren 22nd May

Five Point Friday

What was I listening to?

I’m still listening to my beloved 80’s music, everything from punk and rock (Iron Maiden still a big fav!) to pop (A Duranie through and through), and Indie (can’t beat a bit of The Cult, The Cure, and The Smiths!). I’ve been listening to a few more podcasts too – Newscast always a fav, as is Six Pixels of Separation and Marketing Over Coffee

What am I reading?

Desperately trying to finish a book I started a few months back “Why we sleep” by the sleep master Matthew Walker – but I keep falling asleep as I tend to read at night! It is an incredibly interesting delve into the benefits of good sleep, and what happens when you don’t appreciate it. Also catching up on some TV too when I can, great BBC series “Devs” and just starting series 3 of “Killing Eve”.

What kept me going this week?

Just had a big “0” birthday, and a new experience in lock down times! Lots of “Zoom” calls with friends far and wide, lovely food and drink deliveries (love cooking anyway, so it is something we have dived into further using new suppliers who have put themselves online to get their great products to you in such times of need), and even managed to share a glass of bubbly with my mum – seeing each other face to face at the conservatory window of her care home!

My new fitness regime in lock down

I have been running for a few years now, just not able to get out with my running club! So, we all stay in touch on Strava to keep each other motivated and putting the miles in as much as possible. I am running and walking alternate days, exploring new routes and keeping my fitness going, important physically as well as mentally for me. Missing CrossFit though, something I do want to return to once I can get back to the gym!

Project I am working on right now

The team are working incredibly hard on a few key projects, and looking at the purpose and story behind one of the charity partners we are supporting is eye opening and very humbling. Its amazing to see the change for good happening as they experience and embrace a more and more digital first world, and the journey they are on to ensure they reach their goals using tech and working with everyone at OJO. I am also working with partner agents on a few things for our business too, which has involved team sessions online and some pretty interesting insights. More to come.

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