OJO #Five Point Friday

Dan Chadney

Issue: #2 Five Point Friday brought to you by Dan Chadney 17th April 2020

Five Point Friday

A brief roundup from the team at @OJO on their week. This week it is brought to you by Dan Chadney

What was I listening to?
One of my favourite artists to listen to while I work is Billie Eilish and in a similar style, Made In Heights, Brika and Sigur Ros. It’s the type of music I can get into the rhythm and tune everything else out, and just helps me focus my thoughts.

What am I reading?
I am reading Simon Sinek’s book ‘Start with the Why’, which is a really amazing book about building brands from a basis of purpose rather than the outcome. When we know our ‘Why’ this affects how we communicate the story of our business to the world, and people connect and identify with stories more than anything else.

What kept me going this week?
I am surrounded by farmland and fields, so I love getting out for walks and will often take my camera and drone out and capture some video and photos. I also started helping my 13 year old son learn to code and build 3D video games which has been really fun to see him excel in that.

My new fitness regime in lock down
We recently acquired an allotment which has required a lot of hard physical labour to get it into shape. When I am not doing that I am joining my kids daily fitness routine with Joe Wicks on YouTube and going for bike rides with them down the country lanes near our house.

Project I am working on right now
I am currently working on a website project for a Welsh charity. They are in the process of re-branding and fundraising for the anticipated move into new facilities, and their new website will support their growth and fundraising efforts. It has been great working with our branding partner Red Nine, and great to see some really exciting designs coming out of that. Can't wait for the launch!

Five Point Friday

OJO #Five Point Friday

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