What caught our OJO this week 1st May

Jo Wren

Happy May day! Feels more like Spring again today, as we move into May already. What caught our Ojo Eye this week….. Here are some of our interesting reads from the past days, hope you enjoy them! Have a great weekend. OJO team


Finally, boardrooms talk tech: having fallen off the agenda for too long, it seems that many businesses are realising their complacency when it comes to neglecting tech and what it could do for them (Forbes)

Helping to lift us out of lockdown: the much talked about new app which could help track and trace  the spread of coronavirus could be with us within weeks now (BBC)

The great digital divide: still millions of people who are amongst the poorest in our society do not have access to the virtual world we now find ourselves in. And many are having to decide between food to eat or staying in touch in self isolation. (The Guardian)

You can now Google that meeting: a new option for the virtual get together with work colleagues starts from this week, a fee service from the tech giant (Tech Crunch)

On your bike: the realisation of the many benefits of having less fossil fuel driven vehicles on the road as people make less journeys really is making a positive impact. Could this be the end of the road for cars as we know it? (BBC)

Sizzling Food start-ups tucking into tech: moving online has helped many people access their food needs during the past few weeks seeing the likes of Tesco reach over a million orders in a week, what does this mean for the food industry overall (Sifted)

Fancy a “NewMe” to take your place: A graduation ceremony in Japan continued despite Covid19, as “avatar” style robots took to the stage (YouTube)

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What caught our OJO this week - 31st May

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