What caught our OJO this week -24th April

Jo Wren

Here are some of our interesting reads from the past days, hope you enjoy them! Have a great weekend. OJO Team

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It’s as easy as 1,2,3: There is nothing quite like a crisis to kick start thinking in how to see and do things differently. Technology has been a catalyst in helping shape things around us  our homes being transformed through virtual means to enable us to continue to work, school, keep fit, “see” friends being a real example in opening our eyes to this changeThis rapid digital transformation is just starting (Forbes)  

Dreaming your way to a better memory and creativity: A new biometric glove referred to as a “social interactive robot” is under development to help with creating a way to use your sleep time as inspiration (Business Insider) 

A computer sizing up the health equation: Not only is the wellness of people in focus during these pandemic times, the health and sustainability of our planet has come into sharp focus given the changes enforced by the need to stop the spreadA new “Planetary Computer” project announced this week by Microsoft can start to see the impacts many are already witnessing (TechCrunch)   

Sharpening your skillset: knowing the most relevant hard and soft skills needed today by recruiting the right team or getting the most relevant learning and development plan in place certainly helps a business move forwards. Great to know we are ticking well against this list (Forbes) 

Our new virtual working world could be here to stay: Overnight the UK (and most other countries who have experienced a lock down) was able to virtualise its workforce who needed to operate from home. Now it seems that Parliament, one of the oldest institutions, are adapting to a hybrid way of working using technology to digitally transform (Politics Home) 

Zzzzzzzooming: If you are feeling more tired than usual, it could be down to what is being coined “Zoom fatigue”. And there are some ways to counteract that sleepy state you might be experiencing (BBC) 

Shifting your mindset to positive: If you have found yourself facing big life changes, as many people have particularly in the past few weeks, choosing the right path forwards is not always easy. What you might need is "stubborn optimism to re-establish your meaning and purpose (Ted Talks) 

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