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What caught our OJO this week 20th July

Jo Wren

What caught our OJO Eye this past week…..here are a selection of the latest stories, articles and blogs we have seen to enjoy reading and catching up. Have a safe week ahead. OJO team

OJO Eyes Wide Open

Start small, dream big: Refreshing view about the purpose of technology in our lives and for life itself. By helping breakthroughs become faster, smaller, cheaper, better, the idea is that technological progress is the most important things we can do for broad based prosperity and economic growth (Balajis.com)

Your friend, the chatbot: Microsoft are spinning out the chatbot Xiaoice, a project which has enlisted some of the best minds in AI (Artificial Intelligence) to create its own commercial ecosystem. The bot has been a great hit in China, seemingly adding more human and social elements (TechCrunch)

Challenger brands causing disruption: Interbrand have launched their 2020 report showcasing some of the start ups and scale ups who are likely to become household names in the future. With one of the key themes being “Digital First Health”, and others focusing upon Community and Sustainability it is clear we have some great ideas coming through (FT)

Bath based business part of UK farming making the most of tech: Nine major agricultural technology projects are receiving funding to help drive a more efficient food system whilst also reducing greenhouse gas emissions using AI. Robotics, and big data (Insider Media)

Its all a big game: sales of video games continue to thrive as we spend time at home and need ways to occupy our time. Though many gamers are looking to augment their gaming experience through community organised activities and tools (TechCrunch)

Pouring a drink through your phone: A large beverage business has rolled out a new pouring option enabling customers to experience a touchless “fountain” of their favourite soft drink – without having to download an app or create an account (BevNet)


OJO Eyes Wide Open

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