What caught our OJO this week 17th April

Jo Wren

Here are some of our interesting reads from the past days, hope you enjoy them! Have a great weekend. OJO team

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Zoom may be the new Black: As our homes are now doubling as virtual offices, schools, gyms, cinemas, pubs and even campsites, this maybe the turning point for the use of applications like Zoom. It might have been introduced with the spread of Covid19, but it might also be here to stay (Fast Company)

Your next phone or computer could be made from plants: Fermentation, which brings us wonderful things like beer, bread and wine, is also helping the biologists find new ways to manufacture tech. So it really could be “second nature” with regards to the technology around us improving our lives. (Forbes)

Helping fight diseases and infections like Cancer and Covid19 whilst you sleep: A partnership between Imperial College and a well known phone provider has enabled the launch of an app to help scientists with their important research. The download and use is free and secure, with the aim of utilising any unused processing power from your smartphone to power their work. (Dreamlab)

Fancy your own data passport: an interesting use of blockchain, which is still largely misunderstood by many end users, to start a citizens data passport (Forbes)

Say it with an emoji: Yep, its true. The emoji is the way to represent you when you can’t be there in person. SO good time to learn what each one means! (Digital Trends)

Bread machines going up, Luggage coming down…our new online shopping habits: As E-commerce continues to grow, our shopping habits in the last month have changed to reflect our lives right now. From the unexpected to the weirdly wonderful (Visual capitalist)

Think this is the wrong time to start up? Think again: Many of the most successful businesses we see today started during or out of a crisis. It’s about having the right conversations with the right people about which is the best platform for you (TechCrunch)

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