What caught our OJO this week 22nd June

Jo Wren

Monday is here again, bringing back the sunshine - and looking forward to the predicted soaring temperatures with summer back for the end of June. What caught our OJO Eye this past week…..here are a selection of the latest stories we have seen to enjoy reading and catching up. Have a safe week ahead. OJO team

OJO Eyes Wide Open

More decentralisation: The UK Government has given up building a centralised Covid19 contacts tracing app, after months of testing have revealed too many technical challenges and privacy barriers. Instead looking likely to move to a similar system to the rest of Europe (Tech Crunch)

Ghost Games turn virtual: As sporting events get moving again by taking place behind closed doors in empty stadiums, everything from avatars around the arena, to crowd noises as options whilst you watch via a screen of home viewers (BBC)

Eating robots: Yes, you read that correctly, an edible robot! This could revolutionise areas such as veterinary care and children toys (Futurism)

Health should be our guiding principle in design for life: Adding to the low and no touch society thinking, there are many new considerations around how we will structure our surroundings for the future (Wired)

Ship shape and Bristol fashion: One of the South West’s prime locations has taken the limelight one again, becoming the best city outside of London for start ups (TechSpark)

Big Tech gets bigger: Whilst the pandemic has enabled the Big Tech businesses to strengthen, will this make things more difficult for them in the long term? (BBC)

The online marketplace expands: Walmart and Shopify are partnering to expand its third party marketplace, gathering pace on market leader Amazon and offering smaller e-tailers more opportunity (Bloomberg)

OJO Eyes Wide Open

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