What caught our OJO this week - 31st May

Jo Wren

Hope you have enjoyed another gloriously sunny weekend! What caught our OJO Eye this week….. Here are some of our interesting reads from the past days. Have a safe week ahead. OJO team

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Workplace future 2.0 and the data panacea: With many seeing AI as one of the major elements of digital transformation moving forwards, the C19 Pandemic has accelerated this and played a part in questioning the relevance once thought possible (Forbes)

It’s all about timing: Quite literally in post pandemic times it will be down to the right phase to start talking about investments depending upon your start up or growth dreams (Venture Beat)

Things to STOP, START and ACCELERATE: Is we focus on anything it will be useful to Think 3 R’s and the A – Recover revenue, Rebuild operations, Rethink organisation, Accelerate the digital solutions (McKinsey)

The No or Lo Contact way of Life: In times gone by, NOLO referred to the No or Low alcoholic beverage category, but it has a whole new meaning developing in today’s world (The Times)

Health is top of the tech agenda: Many people have started to experience the benefit of digital solutions to their health and wellness needs, looking at specific needs and the long term advice and care (TechCrunch)

To downsize or not to downsize, this is the question?: Some interesting thoughts on what the longer term impact might be (HBR)

How Milton Keynes used technology during lock down: Taking groceries around the cycle network to those in need, a fleet of robots helping to deliver anyone unable to get out and about (NYTimes)

OJO Eyes Wide Open

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