What caught our OJO this week 24th May

Jo Wren

Welcome to the weekend, and another bank holiday! Sun is shining so hopefully you are enjoying some time relaxing in it! What caught our OJO Eye this week….. Here are some of our interesting reads from the past days, hope you enjoy them. Have a safe week ahead. OJO team

OJO Eyes Wide Open

Start me up: With new funding being made available for tech innovation and start-ups, its great to see many people trying to find solutions during and lifting off from lock down (Insider Media)

Tech for Good: When you hear time after time that the future is all about business with “good” intentions and responsible, sustainable outlooks, its curious about the VC activity perceived here (TechCrunch)

A Mixed Reality: Blending the virtual with the physical world is helping the health agenda by enabling medics to work seamlessly together with machines to keep safe and care for others in the process (BBC)

An Apple a day…: It seems that monitoring our health could be more than just eating an apple a day, actually wearing the device and using its sensors can help diagnose various conditions (Wired)

Moving to a four-day working week can help lift the economy: An idea being floated by the much praised PM for NZ Jacinda Arden (Independent)

Taking away human contact when needs must: Whether the challenge is to clean the floors, or getting your groceries – the latter just got a little easier thanks to a robot helping delivery with no contact necessary. (Cleveron)

More ways to work, without being there: Alongside remote working helping us all continue where possible in these lock down times, another idea in “telepresence” is being looked at again as another option in lieu of foreign travel and attending meetings (CNet)

OJO Eyes Wide Open

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