What caught our OJO this week 15th May

Jo Wren

Welcome to the weekend, after being “Alert” all this week! Time to reflect and see what is top of mind. What caught our OJO Eye this week….. Here are some of our interesting reads from the past days, hope you enjoy them! Have a safe week ahead. OJO team

OJO Eyes Wide Open (Vol 5)

How comfortable are you in dealing with a robot versus a human: It was Turing test trying to establish if a machine's ability to exhibit intelligent behaviour was equivalent to or indistinguishable from that of a human. There is divide on the matter in today' advancements (ZDNet)

Never has Tech been in greater focus in healthcare than now: When digital transformation can be achieved in two weeks rather than two years, many NHS staff are able to care for patients more efficiently and effectively (BBC)

When LEGO becomes more than just child’s play: Trying to stem the spread of Covid19 in large refugee camps has provided the world with its first Lego Robot to help sanitise your hands (WEForum)

Definitely a time to remember Purpose, Value and Culture: As we start to try and define how we will move forward and shape our future, it is critical to be mindful and the What, the How and really focus on the Why. Those organisations who really grasped this and make some good decisions are and should continue to see the benefit (McKinsey)

Supporting local becomes global: When businesses need as much help as possible, many are turning to their local organisations to utilise services or buy products wherever they can, helping to drive the economy and support their community. Here’s how social media is enabling that to happen (TechCrunch)

The VR Bar is open: Having a relaxing catch up with friends over a glass of your favourite tipple just isn’t the same on Zoom, see how one Virtual Reality (VR) enthusiast recreated his very much missed local pub to help in lock down (Wired)

Who needs a second pair of hands: By name and by nature, the advancements being achieved through AI to help robots learn and mimic from their human work colleagues is astounding (BBC)

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OJO Eyes Wide Open

What caught our OJO this week - 31st May

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