What caught our OJO this week 27th July

Jo Wren

A few things caught our OJO Eye this past week…..here are a selection of the latest stories we have seen to enjoy reading and catching up. Have a safe week ahead. OJO team

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Its all in the emotion: Whilst we have become very familiar with the voice of Alexa or Siri in our lives, many feel they are too computer generated and need to sound more human. Step in a small British business Sonantic who are creating an artificial voice to really sound like a person (The Times)

Biting into a net zero Apple: The tech giant has announced it is becoming carbon neutral across the business and whole supply chain by 2030, not so far going as far as Microsoft who lan to be carbon negative (BBC)

Smashing through Stereotypes of EdTech: With more investment and acquisitions in the Educational technology space, as well as more remote learning needed and taking place, there is certainly more focus right now in how EdTech can stand up to the new world challenge (TechCrunch)

Moo-ving on with Microsoft: using AI to help farmers plan their crop cycles, protect their soils, harvest more grain is part of the new partnership the global tech business has started to push Ag Tech forward to create more technology  to help others to create more technology (Wired)

The big Green Awakening: whilst many technologies have been worked upon for some time to help reduce global emissions, recent advancements in software and processing technology breakthroughs alongside a really marked change in attitudes with the Covid-19 pandemic are helping the world get excited again that we can see change happen (Greenbiz)

How Shopify are taking on Amazon: With the shift online through the world moving into lockdown, one of the businesses helping others to sell through e-commerce platforms has taken even bigger steps to catch up with Amazon for sales through the internet (Marker)

Meet your new designer, AI: When the person you thought had given you a brilliant design for your new logo or campaign idea was in fact not a person, it is apparent the progress AI is capable of (Fast Company)

OJO Eyes Wide Open

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