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What caught our OJO this week - 13th July

Jo Wren

After a lovely sunny weekend for many, and getting out to support the local pubs, cafes and restaurants – we even had a chance to show off our new haircuts! What caught our OJO Eye this past week…..here are a selection of the latest stories we have seen to enjoy reading and catching up on life in Tech. Have a safe week ahead. OJO team

OJO Eyes Wide Open

E-Sport is here to stay: When the Tour De France, the worlds biggest cycling event, can move to the virtual world, followed by the popular Iron Man competition, and rumours the Olympics are next, businesses like Zwift have really picked up on the opportunity to merge our physical and virtual worlds to keep us fit and healthy through e-cycling (Fast Company)

Circular Economy driven by Tech: The pace of innovation in the IT sector, which is now the fastest growing in the world, is helping to guide and even accelerate circular solutions which will help to eliminate waste and pollution out of value chains to help businesses drive positive economic, environmental and societal impacts (Greenbiz)

The science of the web: the world wide web is a complex machine, and one most of us live our lives through on our digital planet. So it was natural that it would need its own science with an institute to define it (BBC)

Apps are breaking records: 2020 has seen the biggest growth yet during Q2 of mobile apps being downloaded. With usage up +40% year on year. they are smashing records with over 200billion hours of use during April and a staggering $27bn of consumer spending (Tech Crunch)

Survival of the fittest needs tech: The great British pub is open for business once again and fighting to bring business back in house, whilst tech is hot on the trail to help this happen (Sifted)

Contact Tracing and the need to secure data: Whilst the government are aiming to deliver a world beating contact tracing system, there is a need to ensure you have the right systems in place to support the running of business in our new low touch/no touch world (The Times)

Robots helping the hygiene factor: Restaurants are looking to our automated friends to help achieve the hygiene standards now needed to ensure it is safe for us to eat out (The Spoon)







OJO Eyes Wide Open

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