What caught our OJO this week - 29th June

Jo Wren

With the last few days of June here, and moving into July this week we will see the next phase of lock down lifting. First haircut opportunity for some since March! What caught our OJO Eye this past week…..here are a selection of the latest stories we have seen to enjoy reading and catching up. Have a safe week ahead. OJO team

OJO Eyes Wide Open

What’s hot in Tech for 2020: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and 5G are topping the table this year, many heralding the impact they will have on business moving forward (Tech Republic)

AI making life easier: As many aspects of our lives in the future will be less challenging due to automation and AI, businesses are likely to fall not one of four types, with the need for work environments to encourage initiative and responsibility. Mass self management has been trialled through recent mass scale remote working (Forbes)

Tech has a leading role to play: Oliver Dowden the secretary of state for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport is pushing a new digital strategy to help drive the recovery at grass roots level across the UK with tech in the driving seat (Tech Spark)

What does AI mean: Many think it is Artificial Intelligence, others suggest “Applied and Invisible” as it helps to not only aid our decision making but also enact decisions on our behalf (Forbes)

New App helping get the nations eateries open again: Clock In is looking to connect food service workers with available work as the country look set to start opening up again (AdWeek)

Amazon the new start up: This is how Jeff Bezos sees his billion $ business behaving every day in order to remain innovative and keep expanding (The Economist)

Microsoft shutting its stores globally: they plan to focus upon selling online instead as the digital proposition grows (Retail Week)

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