Darren reflects on joining ojo

Rachel Passmore

Developer Darren McGrath reflects on his time, 12 months after joining the ojo team


Darren joined as part of ojo’s ambitious 18 month expansion plan and is now a core member of our development team. As with all the members at ojo he has passion and successes that have led him to Tech. For Darren, as a talented drummer, he has enjoyed seeing the world as a musician and even met the Queen. As with music, development is one of things that practice makes perfect and he uses his time between music sessions to teach himself code.   

"Having predominately developed .Net MVC Web applications, I was thrilled to start using Xamarin to develop for iOS and Android using C#. I am seeing a great rise in the use of Angular and other Javascript frameworks and am excited about the prospects of .net core which I believe will be a big player in the coding world for the next few years to come.

The great thing about the technology sector is it is constantly re-inventing itself, so the practice of self-study and re-evaluation is essential to keep up with the latest technical trends! “



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