Cutting Edge Virtual Learning Environment

Tom Passmore

We are very excited to be developing in partnership with Pickwick Learning and Corhsam Primary School a cutting edge Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)


We are very excited to announce a new partnership with Pickwick Learning and Corsham Primary School to develop a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).  A unique solution designed by Teachers and Pupils for Teachers and Pupils.  We have been working hard with the Corsham Incredibles, a cross selection of pupils from the school, and the Corsham teachers over the last 6 months on the concepts and design.   We hope to be launching the product with Pickwick Learning in the early Summer.    The solution is pushing the boundaries of what is possible online and really open the doors to a whole new world of virtual and social learning. 


To wet your appetite, here’s an screenshot of one of the pages: 


Virtual Learning Environment


The VLE will be available for other schools to purchase through Pickwick Learning.  If you are interested in finding out more please get in Contact.


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