COVID 19 direct response: We are here to help

Nathan Baranowski

We can help virtualise your business, get you online fast and cost effectively, so you can keep going in these changing times.


None of us have ever really known anything like what we’re experiencing right now – The impact to our businesses, our families and our daily lives are completely upside down. The opportunity to use digital to bring your services and business to those who need it has never been so important than now. We are offering a means of support to any charity or business to virtualise their offer or help them get online to keep Britain moving.

It's been a long week and one most of us would not even imagine in any of our continuity or risk planning. 

Here at OJO, we are used to working remotely.  That said moving the entire team into remote locations and mobilising suitable semi-permanent working arrangements, whilst in lock down, has been fun but a challenge over this week. We are all fully operational from across the South West and our office is now closed.  

In doing so it was important for us to think about how we will be supporting each other to ensure we do not become isolated in these extremely rare circumstances.  For us that has taken the simple form of a group morning virtual coffee and toast and an end of day goodbye, for all who wish to join.  Continuing our daily stand ups over Teams and delivering workshops and meetings via video.  The only change perhaps has been the focus on keeping some fun in the mix of what can be lonely times at home and being nosey to find out what each of us has done to create a makeshift office at home.  

Like many of you we have families and with kids now home we will be changing our working practices to enable everyone to operate and support their families, as well as educate our children.   We are like many businesses being impacted by the current situation and our future path like many businesses has been changed dramatically over the week.  We are here now and will continue to be here. Our vision and purpose to drive positive change through digital will not change and we will continue to offer the same award-winning service and support to our valued clients as well as supporting communities, businesses and charities across the UK in these critical times.      

We are now in a digital evolution that none of us ever expected to happen at the pace it is.  The land sweeping transformation we have experienced this week is like no other.  It has been a catalyst like never been seen before that has forced us to think differently and bring digital to the fore of our decision making and daily operations.   

We, at OJO, have a vital role to play in helping sectors we have supported for many years to rise to the digital transformation that is now upon us.  The opportunity to use digital to bring your services and business to those who need it has never been so important than now.  We know how to build digital platforms fast – we are award winning at it! And we have been doing it for over 20 years.  We are offering a means to support any charity or business to virtualise their offer or help them get online to keep Britain moving.

So, whether you are a charity, a health and social care provider, small and medium business, education establishment or a start-up, we understand your organisational and business challenges and can help you keep moving, taking you out of crisis and accelerate your digital transformation to not only help everyone in this time of need but build you stronger for the future.     

We are in this together.  If there is a way, we will do it.  We will find ways to get you where you need to be.  We are here to listen and to help. Our eyes are wide open, and our ears are too. This is about working together and doing what we can to help in these important times.  So do call and talk to us.    

Here are a few ways in which we can help..... 

Getting You Online Fast
If you are found yourself in the position that you can help those in need or have products that you can offer, we will help you get online so you can start trading.  We can build rapid commerce sites as well as content within a matter of days.  

Virtualise your Business
If you have a business in the leisure industry and can offer a way to keep the country fit and active, call us to find out.  From virtualising gyms to offering in home classes there fast and effective ways to get you online and engaging with your customers.  

Enhancing what you have
If you have an existing web presence and wondering how you can make it more effective in the current crisis to support your customers or those accessing your service we are here to support you and help provide quick advice to your teams or take some quick action to support you. 

Expand your team
We have a full technology, creative and digital team.  If your business is in high demand and your internal teams are struggling to cope or have been taken ill, we can provide immediate capacity to support and enable you to keep moving

Remote Working & Learning
We can offer support and guidance on the best tools and options, as well as how to engage staff and students online and ensure your organisational culture moves with you rather than lost in crisis.  We can offer support in ways of education and bringing communities together.  

Visioning the future
We work day in day out in crisis and future strategy.  As we move through this period of unsettlement and find a new normal, if you are wondering what your business or charity offer will be in the world after COVID19 we can help you vision and transform your business model.  

We love coffee (and we do that well virtually too!), talking through challenges to find solutions.  This is as good a time as any to lean into digital, find a digital solution to get where you need to be and help you face your biggest challenges.  If we can help, we will.  If we can find a way to do it, we will.  We are here as your digital expert to get you out of crisis and into a new digital era. 

Please get in touch and together we can get through this. 

Nathan Baranowski
On behalf of the whole OJO Team

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