Could you be missing out on new customers ?

Kevin Triggle

Recent studies show that 88% of local searches take place on smartphones. As of April, Google now specifically favours businesses, which it can see have mobile-friendly websites, with higher rankings. Make it easier for your potential customers to find you with a first-class, mobile-ready website tailored to fit your business.


How many visitors to your website are doing so on a smartphone or tablet?

It’s an important figure to know as current statistics indicate that over 50% of all web browsing traffic worldwide is carried out on mobile devices. Mobile and tablet users have high expectations, and when viewing your website don’t want to be treated any differently to their larger-screened peers. Responsive design allows you to cater for your entire audience and be confident in the way your design will appear to them. Your website is usually the first impression of your business to the outside world and if neglected could have incredibly negative effects.

In a charity news article our own Kevin Triggle lists five reasons explaining why you should make sure your mobile audience is looked after! See the full article:

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