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Kevin Triggle

What's been happening with our latest client Ecoed


The challenge presented to ojo by ECOED was how to get across a serious ecological message to a younger generation without losing their interest.

The answer was to gamify the message and let a younger generation explore through play. Playing an online interactive game on a mobile device is a way of engaging a younger generation of ecologists: there is the fun element of this, however also the serious one of our environment that resonates well with this younger generation.

“Test your eco knowledge, take eco action and have fun with our interactive app - while saving the planet”

The game needed to be a community focused game, playing against others within the locality. Users able to challenge friends or others in the wider community and competing for the highest ranking against friends or the community as a whole.

In addition, the player needed to feel part of an Ecological co-operative: able to provide feedback and submit additional questions and actions. Raising their profile within the ECOED community and helping to enhance the experience for all!

Overall though, it needed to be engaging, fun to play and supported on Android and Apple devices. With lively animations and appropriate sounds. Plus, it needed to allow for simple sign in using Facebook or Email logins.

“Ecoed is a great project for the team,” said Nathan of ojo solutions. “Gamifying this serious subject was a challenge, however to work through ideas and create games for educational purposes is something we love to do.” The roots of this project are in Bath but it has become global with UK & Hong Kong links

A web based limited trial version launched last year has provided valuable feedback. Now we are getting ready to launch the fully immersive mobile game version. Watch this space.



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