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Rachel Passmore

Whether it's bespoke apps tailor-made to your needs or simply utilising apps that already exist, it's worth regularly evaluating how app-y your business is.


Many small businesses are still intimidated by the thought of investing in an app and, to be fair, they aren’t for everyone. However with so many exciting opportunities to explore they’re important to consider.


With the right design they can make internal business systems more efficient, cost-effective and paperless. They’re also a great way of connecting with customers and of course, they can become income generators if sold to the right client or launched in the stores.


Seeing as Google Play currently encompasses 1.5 billion apps, finding the good ones can be a challenge (and that’s not counting the ones built for in-house purposes).


Still, here’s a very random slice of the app pie; ones that might be useful to business owners.




Plume for Twitter


For Twitter users who want more control. It has numerous settings including enabling users to send longer tweets or muting users / specific words from your timeline.




Crunch is an online accountancy firm who know their customers are mobile. Their app allows customers to take photos of their receipts and then translates that data into real-time accounts.




a great app that allows people to create short video content easily and quickly. A fab way for companies to produce engaging social media content without breaking out in a cold sweat.


Paypal Here


We all know how the payment service works online but now businesses can purchase a Paypal card reader to allow them to take customer payments while out and about (at exhibitions for example). Paypal still charge a transaction fee for using the app but it provides companies with more choice.


Slashtop Business


The Splashtop Business app allows you to access your work computer from your iPhone. It takes a while to set up and you’re charged a subscription but Splashtop is a must-have app for businesses that rely on software which is not available for iPhone, but need their data to be secure.




We all know we function better on a good night’s sleep. This app monitors your sleep pattern using your phone’s microphone and accelerometer and then wakes you up during the lightest part of your sleep. It promises a gentler start to the day which can only be a good thing.


Percentage Calculator


The app allows you to calculate the percentage in a variety of situations, for example 'Increased by %' or 'After % Deducted', making you look effortlessly efficient in any finance meeting.




Foreign business trips taking their toll? Can’t order more than ‘la cerveza’? This app gamifies learning a new language, making it fun, manageable & useful if your flights delayed.




Who needs Uber when this app when so many cities throughout the world offer such great public transport.  ETAs of buses, ferries , trains in 87 cities across Europe and North America




CamCard is a great app for people who often meet and greet new clients or other business associates. The CamCard app is designed to help manage your business contacts using its main feature – a business card scanner.


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